Spagetti monster

The Flying Spagetti Monster

This page will teach wannabe's how to become 'banterriffic,' we hope it helps

The 'Holy Banter' is a important religeon influencing everyday society. It brings its own belief's as well as belief's from other religeons.

The basic foundation on the religeon, are based on Buddhism, Jedi, Nuwaubianism and the Church of the flying spaghetti monster as well as minor ideas from other religeons.

Perks to the religeon are 'Happy Sunday's', this is the day of Rejoice for holy 'Banter,' Your must start in the morning with a bundle of pancakes, then enjoy a loud, happy service at the local 'Banterino' this will include singing, eating and a exciting reading which belive me won't be boring. The final meal should be a delicious roast with a magical pudding.

Other festivals include the ones in the Christian faith however there is one extra festival called the festival of the mental. The day starts with a classic cooked breakfast, then in the middle of the day all of you and friends meet up and have a 'banter' then in the evening you have a rave.

All foods are allowed to be eaten.

When you die you have the choice of going down the tunnel of light to the land of magic, there you will meet the gods including 'bantergod,' and The flying spagetti monster as well as many more. Here you can do what ever you want and get away with it. Including meeting friends and family.

Or you can take the road of reincarnation, You can choose any animal except from the ant, this is because the ant is at the bottom of the food chain and 'Holy Banter' is all about being the best.

The main motto is live every day like it's your last and live life to the full.