This page is about general 'banter,' official 'banter,' the 'banter' world championship, and the 'banters,' special awards , announced weekly, for 'banterriffic' people. The official meaning of 'Banter' in the Oxffprd dictionary is:-


noun [mass noun] the playful and friendly exchange of teasing remarks.

verb [no object] exchange remarks in a good-humoured teasing way.

However, people who know the meaning of 'Banter' will know that it is so much more than this, more even than a word and that is why, throughout this piece of writing, the word 'Banter' is in bold and inverted commas.

The point of this document is to inform about the 'Banter,' but the meaning cannot be expressed by mere words. To find the real meaning of the 'Banter,' you will need to look inside yourself, and contact your inner spirit. Only then will you be able to recognise the importance of the 'Banter.' The 'Banter' works everywhere, but some may feel its influence more than others.

Latest activityEdit

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